Keep Calm and Carry on – Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

From a very tender age, girls start romanticizing a fairy-tale wedding where they imagine walking down the aisle hand-in-hand with their prince charming as the guests wish the couple all the luck in the world. It is natural for every girl as they tend to weave such dreams, wishes and hopes since childhood but reality is unlike anything you have ever dreamt of.

The wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of one’s life but how many times have you come across brides who looked frazzled? Countless, indeed. This is because real weddings are different from the ones in our fantasy and all the hassle one goes through during wedding preparation has coined the term ‘wedding jitters’.

If you think that weddings are all about the thrills of a young mind, there is more to it than meets the eye. This is because real weddings take a lot of time and effort and juggling effortlessly between finances and all those little arrangements are certainly not easy feats to accomplish. As the wedding day draws closer, most of the brides experience a complete meltdown as the stress for wedding clouds their happiness.

Instead of letting the wedding jitters get the best of you, what you need is a stress-free, hassle-free wedding as it is a once in a lifetime experience for you. So what to do to have that perfect wedding you have always fantasized? For some easy tips and tricks that will come in handy in your attempt at putting together all the elements of wedding easily, read on.

Time to Get Organized
This is easier said than done. With so much on your mind, there are a handful of things to get organized and you are quite likely to miss all those little details that can make a big difference. A practical approach will be to use a plastic file to keep all the paper work in place. It is only smart to write everything down so that you not have to frantically search for anything when the need arises.

Be Realistic About It
If celebrity weddings are what you are looking up to for your big day, you are making the biggest mistake of your life. Such weddings are set up by professionals who are paid in thousands. Unless and until you are very wealthy or marrying a celeb, there is no point in squandering your money on useless stuff. After all, having an extravagant wedding with expenses to give you nightmares for months to come is not going to get you anywhere. Decide on a budget and stick to it.

Shoo Away Unreliable People
A wedding is not the time to try new services. Yes, it may save you a few bucks but what if the delivered goods or services are not up to the mark? What if your plan backfires? There are a lot of efficient suppliers out there. A rule of thumb is not to ring back a supplier if he does not return your initial call. After all, he is going to get benefited too and if he is not interested in dealing with you, you are not either.

Better Be Safe Than Sorry
A wedding is something for which prior planning is strongly recommended. The risk factor that things will not turn out the way they are supposed to be is always there and it goes in your favour to have a plan B for everything in case something does not go as planned.

With all the practical details, wedding planning can be quite overwhelming but in order to have a wedding that inspires the happily-ever-after notion, the tips above can be all you need.

The Only Disease in the World is the One You’ve Got!

Assuming you feel healthy then you probably don’t think you’re sick.

Well, think again…

You just don’t know how sick you really are.

If you’re old enough to read and understand these words, then you’ve spent a good number of years getting sick — all your life really.

You may not be showing any of the classical signs or symptoms of illness yet, but you will eventually.

If you get colds regularly, or already have allergies, you’re closer to the diseased state than you think.

That disease, depending on your unique physiology, and where it weakens and strikes you first, might be called any number of things: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc., and it can cut your life short or make your remaining days on earth a whole lot less pleasant.

Try this little “experiment” — look into a mirror, and look carefully.

See any dark spots on your face or neck, arms or legs?

These spots, known as “liver spots,” occurring even on teenagers at an ever-increasing rate, are otherwise known as “age spots,” because they once were seen only on the advanced elderly.

They are a sign that your liver isn’t doing too well, and as goes your liver so goes your health.

Now I’m no doctor or physician, but I’ve learned an awful lot from those who were and are, especially those who write about what they’ve learned.

In my own way, as an autodidactist (self-learner), I became a lay nutritionist and naturopath and followed a path in life closely paralleling some of the more revealing but controversial (in their time) discoveries of doctors who could actually heal the sick.

Doctors such as John H. Tilton of Denver, Colorado, who died at age 89 eleven years before I was born.

I would not discover how right my choices were, according to his discoveries, until I was 30, years after my own discoveries, confirming and proving what I then already knew for the most part.

It would take another 30 years before I fully appreciated Tilton’s “radical” approach and learned more about his enormous contribution to the field of health and wellness, which is far undervalued and not yet appreciated to the extent it should be, and not at all by conventional “orthodox” medicine.

You see, the only disease in the world is toxemia, a condition that results from poor dietary choices based on ill-informed or ignorant social conditioning.

Without cleaning out the toxins that already clog every system of your body — even if you eat mostly what you have been told are “health foods” — and without putting into your body essential nutrients totally lacking in the American diet, you’re taking an enormous risk of developing a life-threatening illness sooner or later.

And no drugs or surgical interventions, no radiation or other form of harmful treatment, can ever supply your body what it needs and craves most of all — proper and real nutrition!

What’s missing from your diet?

Allow me to hazard several guesses:

Enzymes and real, natural vitamins, destroyed by heat and over-processing in the manufacturing process.

If you want truly good health you’ve got to stop eating what is made in plants, and start eating lots of what grows on plants instead.

Proper choices in foods are also essential, and if you’re not getting enough nitrilosides (vitamin B17), through millet, raspberries, buckwheat, maize, sorghum, linseed, wild blackberries, strawberries, peaches, apricots, plums and prunes (including the seeds of these fruits), you’re not giving your body a vital element it needs to ward off sickness and keep you well.

Improper choices must also be avoided, such as:

All pesticides, preservatives, artificial “natural flavors,” colorings and inorganic so-called “vitamins” that “enrich” (pollute) most manufactured foods today, and feedlot fed, hormone and vaccination adulterated, and mass-slaughtered livestock.

Finally, you’ve got to cleanse your body of toxins at the first sign of sickness (colds, flu, allergies, etc.) by judicious fasting and avoiding the ingestion of any meat until all symptoms clear up.

This is not a medical prescription, to be sure, but it is the only sane way to live while avoiding illness through needless disease.

Disease is an effect brought about by the proximate cause of bad dietary choices.

America today is sicker now than it’s ever been before, and this situation is worsening by the day.

Indoor, sedentary lifestyles avoiding all sun exposure — and blocking it out of fear when unavoidably or recreationally exposed — has led to another unique lack which results in disease eventually:

Insufficient levels of the hormone called “vitamin” D, which is only generated by exposure of the skin to the ultraviolet rays of natural sunlight (and not the harmful rays of artificial tanning beds).

Even plants, kept indoors and out of their natural elements, suffer greatly as a result and, depending on how they are fed, have also been known to develop cancerous tumors, for instance.

Family pets, also mistreated with the typical manufactured “foods” diets provided by their masters, are likewise succumbing in record numbers to a growing list of modern ailments as a result.

In my own family, with eight children, we avoided all but one of the many major contagions my wife and I both suffered as children.

And that one, chicken pox, came about as a result of previous exposure when my wife contracted shingles (how the disease spreads to the next generation).

Despite this, my children were almost instantly cured within hours, not days, with proper exposure to the correct color spectrum of light (using color filters over an ordinary incandescent light bulb)!

Yes, there is much modern “medicine” has yet to learn about disease, but will never discover so long as it follows the allopathic road to ruined health, disease and death, of poison, burn and slash (prescription drugs, chemo, radiation and surgery).

Meanwhile, if you ever hope to avoid the otherwise inevitable diagnosis of some serious malady or other (from heart disease to cancer, diabetes or any number of other potentially fatal conditions), you’ll look someplace else for treatment.

In fact, you’d truly be wise if you went out of your way to discover what your doctors and druggists never learned, and what medical schools, under the control of big pharma (drug) manufacturers and their ignorant but equally arrogant federal agency puppets, refuse to allow them to consider, much less practice.

If you do, you’ll soon discover there is only one disease, and you’ve already got it.

More than that, you’ll learn how to get rid of it, and enjoy radiant, vibrant good health, once you change the way you feed yourself, and finally learn how to truly nourish a body starving for the right kinds of nutrients, in sufficient daily amounts.

Happily ever after cannot be obtained by following the madding crowd, or listening to those whose lives prove they know less than nothing about real health.

Patents who outlive their doctors will become the norm, if “medical” practitioners don’t get smart themselves.

You see, they’re all suffering from the same solitary disease everyone else has…

And the name of that disease is malnutrition!